Specifically designed and engineered to accommodate up to 139,800 lbs. GVW with seven(7) axle configurations, the PITBULL47 is setting the hauling standard in states like Michigan where more axles mean more weight.


Dual 7” rod reeving cylinders combine with 8” telescopic lift cylinders provide over 75,000 lbs. lifting capacity. This trailer that can carry up to 45’ long standard outside rail roll-off containers. The PITBULL47 also accommodates shorter 22’ length containers by using an optional auxiliary front stop system which sets the container back to allow for proper load distribution.


Minimum trailer weight combined with maximum trailer strength makes the PITBULL47 Series ideal for scrap haulers, demolition contractors, waste haulers who are focused on rolling up profits in roll-off applications.

Trailer Drawing Dimensions:
A: Front of Trailer to Center of 5th Wheel Pin = 21”
B: Front of Trailer to Center of Rear Tandem = 446”
C: Center to Center of Rear Tandem Axles = 44”
D: Ground to Top of Side Roller Height = 58”

Trailer Frame Specifications:

• Base Trailer Weight = 33,000 lbs.


• Trailer Frame=16” x 45# Wide Flange Beam with Bottom Suspension Strap. 1/2” 6 x 12 tube neck with bottom strap & outside stiffener


Trailer GVWR = 139,800 lbs. with 7 axles • Landing Gear Capacity=200,000 lbs. • 5th Wheel Plate=1/2”


• Trailer Fenders = 1/8” Smooth Flat Steel on Rear / ¼ Fenders, Full Front


• Axles = 25,000 lbs. Capacity-5” Round with Grease Hub • Lift Axles=Air Ride & Air Lift Axle Assembly


• Suspension = REYCO 21B with 3 Leaf Springs with 25,000 lbs. per Axle Rating


• Tires = 11R22.5 Steel Belted Radial 16 Ply

Optional Equipment

Air Operated Rear ICC Bumper • Multi-Axle Suspension Con!gurations Air Operated Lift Axle Configurations • Additional Side Rollers Auxiliary Container Front Stop Systems • Tarp Systems • Side Roller Ramps Additional Lighting • On-Board Scale Systems • Customer Speci!c Designs

E: Center of Rear Hinge Pin to the Rear of the Hoist=81”
F: Dump Angle = 45 Degrees
G: Front of Trailer to the Center of the Rear Hinge Pin=480”
H: Overall Trailer Length=47’
I: Overall Trailer Width = 8’

Standard Roll-Off Hoist Specs

• Hoist Frame = 3/8” x 4” x 12” Rectangular Tubing with 5/8” x 4” Bottom Strap & ½” x 3-1/2” Top Wear Strap 20’ Long


• Front Hold Down/Rear Hold Down=Automatic Locking Front Stops/Ratchet Strap Rear Hold Downs


• Container Length Accommodation = 22’ to 45’


• Hoist Capacity = 75,000 lbs.


• Side Rollers = 4” with Bronze Bushings, Grease Groove and Grease Fittings


• Sheaves = 12” with Bronze Bushings, Grease Groove and Grease Fittings 


• Lighting = LED with Sealed Plug Harness Wiring


• Cable = 7/8” with Becket and Wedge 


• Lift Cylinders=8” Bore x 218” Stroke Chrome Plated Five (5) Stage Double Acting 


• Dual Reeving Cylinders = 7” Bore x 153” Stroke Chrome Plated Rod Cylinders 


• Working Pressure = 2,000 psi / Maximum Working Pressure=2,150 psi 


• Pressure Gauge = Standard In-Line Located at Operating Controls 


• Hydraulic Hoses = PARKER 3,000 lbs. psi Capacity


• Certified Heavy Duty Rear ICC Bumper= Hydraulic Operation


• JIC Hydraulic Fittings Throughout

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